Trude Kleess, Attorney-at-Law

Legal Q&A

Q: My son was very ill last year, and required extensive medical care. We had major medical health insurance coverage, but there are a lot of bills that the insurance does not cover. What are my options?

A: Unfortunately, your situation is not unique in this day of escalating medical and insurance costs. If you are currently employed, you could try to negotiate a lower payment to each of the medical providers you owe, and agree upon a payment schedule...


Q: I am interested in buying a piece of investment property with a friend. Iíve been told that we should look into forming a limited liability company. What is it and what would it do for us?

A: A Limited Liability Company is a cross between a corporation and a partnership.

Like a corporation, your liability is limited to your personal investment in the company. It works especially well for real estate investments for income tax purposes...


Q: I just purchased a new condominium. What does the homeowners association do, and what part do I have to play?

A: A homeowners association takes care of the “common elements”—those parts of the property you own in common with your neighbors: the landscaping, amenities, such as a pool, and common driveways. Each owner pays a monthly or quarterly fee which represents their share of the expense of maintaining these items. There may also be special assessments...


Q: My wife and I are shopping for a house, and my father-in-law has told me we should hire a lawyer. Won’t our real estate agent take care of everything for us?

A: Your real estate agent will do their best to help a sale go smoothly. However, since the purchase of a house is one of the most important investments you will ever make, make sure that someone is representing you. That may or may not be your real estate agent...